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Types Of Accounting Firm Services

It can be exciting and stressful at the same time to open up a business. From picking out the colors, logos as well as marketing materials, these are all part of the process that any business owner has to take on. However, starting a company is not always that fun because like what's mentioned earlier, there are stresses that can really cause frustration on your end.


One of the integral aspects of any venture is taking care of the money of course. A lot of people do not feel comfortable in doing this on their own and thus, they typically hand over this job to top accounting firms. This lets them to handle the everyday operation of their business while the accounting firm on the other hand is handling the critical financial tasks.


Being able to choose the best firm is something to be pondered about however, you as a business owner need to think thoroughly of what accounting needs your business exactly needs. Keep reading to learn about the different kinds of accounting services that accounting firms are offering.


Number 1. Public Accounting


These said firms are typically employing Certified Public Accountants or CPA. These professionals are working in the areas of audit, tax as well as management consulting. If you have a private company, then you'd be interested in employing accounting firms to do the tasks needed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Local as well as regional companies can take on auditing and several other tasks for both local and regional clients. To learn more about accounting firms, visit


Number 2. Tax Accounting


In these types of outsourced CFO firms, they are focused on tax planning and preparation for companies of any size. They can even help individuals too. Once again, CPAs compose a big chunk of the workforce. It is integral that these CPAs are keeping up with current tax laws that are established by the Internal Revenue Code, which different from the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of employees at such organizations that are required to take continuing education course on a regular basis to be able to stay updated on the changing tax laws, planning strategies as well as software programs.


Number 3. Forensic Accounting


This type of accounting firm is using their skills and legal policies in uncovering illegal and fraudulent activities. Both private and public companies are able to hire these businesses in investigating financial records. Oftentimes, employees are working with the federal and local law enforcement. Whenever a legal action is taken against an individual or certain entity that's involved in corporate fraud, the courts typically call forensic accountants in order to stand up as expert witness.